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What the site is going to be changed into.

Scott Boyington
Published on:
July 25, 2020
| Updated on:
July 25, 2020 7:15 PM

There are a few things that we want to get done with the new design. We are working on changing the site into a newer, more sleek design. The main purpose is to have an original concept designed from scratch that we feel makes the website that we have now flow more efficiently. We have the new design on a the blog pages.

The blog pages is something we have been wanting to do when we got some free time to expand. Right now the categories (blog, and blog posts) all use the new design with the new minimalistic white and grey design. This was very important as its a way for us to talk to people that come to the site and read up on blog posts that we have build and understand what we do and how we work here at Cascadia IT Services.

We also updated our "contact us" page with more forms to get into contact with us directly.

We added general inquiry, support, and free consultation.

These new features will help get your information to the right people.

What's to come?

We are working on changing the whole site into the new white theme that we have started using on the blog. After that is completed, we will start building out the new nav-bar and uploading what we have worked on. We want to share with people what we have done and we want to show everyone what designs we have built and designed. This will give people a better understanding on what we make here.

I hope you will come along we us in this journey we are having. We hope to hear from you

- Cascadia IT Services

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