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Cascadia IT Services use Figma and Webflow

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With figma and webflow we are able to show you the design and Progress of your website in real time

Figma will allow you to see and make changes to your design before we begin work on building it. Webflow allows us to show you what your website is looking like in real time. Explore our other websites we have created in our portfolio.

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Easy to Scale Pricing for every Need. When you grow, so does your website

Landing Page



A basic landing page for your business. With up to 4 sections.
Designed and built in Webflow and Figma.

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A custom website for your business. Starting with three pages, and everything from landing page tier.

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Need to sell products? We can build a custom ecommerce for any need using Webflow as its foundation.

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F.A.Q & How Too’s

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What software do we use?

We use two main pieces of software for design and building your website. Figma is what we use to design your website and share what we work on in real time. So you can adjust what you want before we start building. Webflow is what we use for building your website. It gives us all the freedom of using wordpress without the coiding. So we can focus on building the website you want.

Do we offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer payment plans for all of our plans. All you have to pay up front us the 30% deposit. So you can focus on your business and get the clients you need without worrying how to pay for your website.

Do i own the website and can leave the montly service plan when i want?

Yes, you own the rights to your website and can leave us maintaining your website at anytime; unless you are on the monthly paid program. All we ask for is to showcase your website on ours.

Monthly Plan? Hows that work?

When on the monthly plan you are paying us to build, host, and maintain your website without ever owning it. If you need up dates or changes to your website its included in the monthly price (subject to basic changes). Also you are free to leave whenever you would like. If you feel like you would like to buy to own your website you are free to make the change at anytime.

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